An intriguing game of strategy  with the Sun, Moon and Planets as your playing pieces against the backdrop of fixed stars – the Zodiac.  A challenging  journey through the ecliptic.

2 – 4 Players.  Adults & Kids 12+
Three different game versions in one package:
Game 1; Game2; Game3

76752401The concept is simple with only a few rules to get your head round:-

Games 1 & Game 2
On your turn, move any Planet, the Sun or the Moon:-

But be aware of
the ‘orbit speeds’ that restrict your choice of action!

Your aim – To be the first to position all your planets into the zodiac constellation signs which match your deal of cards. When you have achieved your ephemeris – shout “EPHEMERIS“!Buy at Amazon

Game 3
The QUIZ: Over 200 multi-choice answer quiz questions abut the Solar System are included in
 Game 3 version, so you can test your knowledge or learn more about the universe as you play!

Free in this edition: Your Winning Hand Predictions!

an intriguing game based on the movements of the planets through the solar system