Follow the natural laws of the solar system in this game of astronomical strategy.

Two different ways to play – The Strategy Game or The Quiz Game:

The Strategy Game:
2-4 players 10-25 minutes
A deal of the Sun, Moon, Planet and Constellation cards determines your aim. The ‘overtaking’ rules  restrict your choice of action!
Object: To be first to simultaneously position all your planet, Sun or Moon pieces into each of the constellation signs to match the cards in your hand.
When done- shout “EPHEMERIS“!

The Solar System Quiz Game:
Friends and family: 40-50 minutes 2-7 players (or teams)
Fascinating quiz questions on the myriad facts of our amazing solar system. Test your knowledge and learn more about the planets, their moons, the space missions, our universe. Object: Try to be first to make one complete orbit with your planet. 72 cards and over 200 questions each giving a choice of A or B answers. Clock up your score on the score-pad provided!

The concept is simple with only a few rules to get your head around.

The Sun, the Moon and the Planets are your playing pieces.
The playing board represents the constellations through which they move.

On each turn, players move one of the celestial pieces anti-clockwise
around the board using the simple strategy of the ‘overtaking’ rules:

‘Outer’ planets may not pass ‘Inner’ planets and none can pass the Sun or Moon.

The overtaking rules either help or hinder you or your opponent(s) by allowing you to block a planet from being moved by your opponent or to pin a planet in the position you require to match your card.
Place 5 planets into 5 signs to match all the cards in your hand to win!

Shout EPHEMERIS! (And prove your hand.)

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An intriguing astronomy game and a quiz game based on the movements of the planets through the solar system