a beautiful and intriguing game of astronomical facts and astrological ‘predictions’!

Three alternative ways to play
The Strategy Game
The Astrology Game
The Quiz Game

The Strategy Game:
2-4 players 10-25 minutes Age 12 -adult
The challenge is in moving the Sun, the Moon and the Planets on the board into positions which match the cards in your hand. But beware of the ‘Overtaking’ rules’ which restrict your choice of action!

The Astrology Game of Facts and Predictions!
2-4 players or teams
Object: Collect 5 Astrology ‘prediction’ cards to win.
Declare a planet (or sun or moon) card and a zodiac card ‘pair’ which matches the position of the celestial piece on the board and give a correct answer to your quiz question to collect the ‘prediction’ card.

The Solar System Quiz Game:
All the Family 40-50 minutes 2-7 players (or teams)
Object: To be first to make one complete orbit with your chosen planet.
Over 200 fascinating questions based on the planets, their moons, the space missions and many of the stars that make up our universe. A choice of A or B answer is given on the card.
Clock up your score on the score-pad provided!

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An intriguing astronomy game and a quiz game based on the movements of the planets through the solar system