About Us!


The Inventors / Designers / Producers:
Freda and Maggie Dusnic

Gazing at the stars one night, I realised that the solar system could be the perfect scenario for a board game – the orbit of the planets (the playing pieces) being moved through the constellations of the zodiac (the game board).  Why hadn’t the Ancient stargazers thought of it?
All we had to do was think of how this concept could work.

We had alot of fun in the  development stages, finding a way to use the natural laws of the Solar System to create a unique astronomy strategy game  – one which the Ancients may well have played!  We were into backgammon and sometimes chess.
Our goal was to create a new game which offered strategic thinking plus educational learning. Over time and with a lot of thought,  playing and testing, we came up with Ephemeris Astonomy Game in three versions.

The Game
We named EPHEMERIS after the annual tables which charts the planets’ daily positions, along with the Sun and the Moon, in their paths through the Zodiac. Each of the celestial bodies has its own symbol (used in both astronomy and astrology).


noun – a table or data file giving the calculated positions of a celestial object at regular intervals throughout a period.

Definitions by NASA: http://spaceplace.nasa.gov/starfinder2/en/

Astronomy & Astrology
Ever since the Babylonians first recorded their sightings, astronomers, have  provided the means to navigate and astrologers  have tried to interpret their influences on human life,  so we set out to create Ephemeris, a game of astronomical strategy!Daedaleon
We named our company after Daedalus – a master craftsman and the inventor and builder of the Ancient Labyrinth in Crete.  He is also famous in the story of Icarus, his son, for whom he made  wings  of feathers and wax, warning hapless Icarus not to fly too close to the Sun, which of course, he did.  

An intriguing astronomy game and a quiz game based on the movements of the planets through the solar system