About Us!


The Inventors / Designers / Producers:
Freda and Maggie Dusnic

Freda: An interest sparked first by the intrigue of learning astrology and the use of ‘ephemeris’ tables for working out the positions of the planets made me see that the solar system would be the perfect scenario for a board game  My sister and I enjoyed playing backgammon and chess and we decided to make a new game to be in that similar genre.

We had a lot of fun in the  development stages, finding a way to use the natural laws of the Solar System to create a unique astronomy strategy game  – one which the Ancients may well have liked to play!

Maggie: Our goal was to create a new game which offered strategic thinking plus educational learning. Over time and with a lot of thought, playing and testing, we devised the Ephemeris Solar System Game.

Along with developments in space exploration and so much more knowledge at our fingertips we decided to add the Solar System Quiz Game (play tested by planetary scientists), and most recently The Astrology Game of Facts and ‘Predictions’ which draws all three games together.

Astrology v Astronomy?
Ever since the Babylonians first recorded their sightings of the celestial objects, astrologers  have tried to interpret their influences on human life and astronomers have provided the means to navigate the World and Space.

We named our company after Daedalus – In Greek mythology, Daedalus was a skilful architect and craftsman, seen as a symbol of wisdom, knowledge and power; also the designer of. the Labyrinth on Crete. He is the father of Icarus, who famously flew too close to the Sun on wings of feathers and wax.


noun – a table or data file giving the calculated positions of a celestial object at regular intervals throughout a period.

Definition by NASA:

An intriguing astronomy game and a quiz game based on the movements of the planets through the solar system