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Our New Astrology Extension Cards & Rules

In response to genuine requests from customers and friends for some more ‘astrology’ context to the game … we have introduced our fabulous extension astrology ‘prediction’ cards and rules to play!

Six Astrology Cards

The game cards are now included in the box but are also available separately here, with rules, for anyone who already has the game!

£11.95 including VAT and free shipping within UK

This is the add-on game so you need to already have the Ephemeris board game to play.

If you don’t already own an Ephemeris Game, you can buy the full version which now includes the new Astrology ‘Prediction’ cards and rules.


 “We were given this game for Christmas and absolutely love it.
Reviewed on Amazon on 3 January 2022
Ephemeris is such a fun game for the family to play. It suits a wide range of ages. It can be played in many different ways and kept us entertained for hours. Highly recommend.

Amazon Customer
Easy to learn, hard to master
Reviewed on Amazon on 1 December 2020
Verified Purchase
Thoroughly enjoyed this game, would recommend.

Michael Connolly
Fantastic educational game
Reviewed on Amazon on 12 March 2020
Amazon Verified Purchase
Amazing! Great fun while also learning some interesting facts! › 2016/04/01 › 6-things-we-…
The Things We Want:
“Being a massive astronomy nerd, I really like the look of Ephemeris…”
Reviewed at London Toy Fair, Pevans TWJO, March 2016
“The game itself was in John Lewis for Christmas last year and will be more widely available this year.”

Clever game, great for all ages and families
Reviewed on John Lewis on 22 September 2015
Very well presented and laid out board game – the design really caught my eye in the shop and when we played it at home it was easy to pick up. The game involves strategy so it gets quite addictive! Educational and very topical.

Article on linkedin

EPHEMERIS could be the choice game for your Christmas gathering, however small, with a Solar System Quiz game of over 200 questions covering everything from Luna1 to Falcon9 missions and everything in between, as well as all about the planets, their moons and the star system they belong to.

No need for previous knowledge of astronomy to play, but you will certainly know more when your planet has completed its orbit in the Ephemeris Solar System Quiz game. Beware of being out-smarted by your 9 year old !

Multi-choice answers, however, take the pressure off our generally embarrassing lack of knowledge about what is above and all around us.

See full article here:

Review from Astrodienst

Reviewed by Karin Hoffmann, 2020

What shall it be? – Strategy and Luck or Cleverness and Cunning?

EPHEMERIS is a well-made and beautifully laid-out game that offers something for everyone: fun, luck, strategy, knowledge, and – above all – a good time together.

The box contains a playing board showing the zodiac and the orbits of the different planets – or rather planet categories (inner and outer planets, the Sun and the Moon). The pieces representing the planets are made of wood and come in different colours, according to their category. Like the whole set, they are a pleasure to the senses and proof of the care that went into the making of the game.

Variant 1 can be played as a board game like any other, as no special field of knowledge or interest is required – though it is a nice feeling to travel through the solar system.

Variant 2 – the Quiz requires a certain interest in astronomy. Beware astrologers, it really IS more about astronomy than astrology. But still, it is well worth the while to get to know the more ʹmaterialʹ sister science of the art of astrology.

Read the full review here:

International dark sky week

Its International Dark Sky Week.

During this week of the new moon in April its a great time to gaze in wonder at the clear night skies having turned off our outside lighting where we can to do our bit to reduct light pollution in the world.

Importantly, light pollution affects so many creatures such as the orientation of nocturnal birds in flight, feeding behaviour of insects, bats, fish and reptiles and even the growth pattern of trees.

While we may not sleep so well with bright street lighting, the International Dark-Sky Association likewise urges action to be taken by governments to heed this disruption to organic life.

At the same time, the economy of energy is an important factor in trying to achieve a global effort at reducing light pollution for the benefit of us all.

Jupiter and Saturn – close encounter!

Jupiter and Saturn will have their closest encounter in almost 400 years on 21st December – the winter solstice.

Not since 1623 has there been a closer conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. On December 21 on the winter solstice they will be only 0.1 degree apart. the closest observable since 1226!

What astrologers say: When limitless Jupiter and restrictive Saturn combine their paradoxical powers, it can bring the perfect checks and balances.

Distance Ephemeris

We wondered if anyone who has a game of Ephemeris would like to set up and play the Solar System Game remotely v another player with an Ephemeris game. So we have some directions as to how you can do this.

There are no changes to the normal rules, just some ideas about playing remotely!

Here’s how: 


Set up your boards at home with Sun Moon and planets in their normal starting positions marked on the board or on the rules.

Each player chooses 5 pieces and takes the 5 corresponding cards from their Sun/Moon/Planets pack. Do not reveal your choices. *Take a photo of your 5 cards before the game starts and send it to your own email that will record the time for future verification.  

Each player then chooses 5 Zodiac cards for the other player and communicates these by text, WhatsApp or voice (or other agreed method).  The players can now lay the Zodiac Cards next to their boards. 


Decide who starts.

On each turn players move any one piece anti-clockwise (you can move any piece even if you don’t hold a card for it). You can move through as many signs as you want but within the ‘passing’ rules:

RULES: (based on the coloured orbit groups)

  • Moon may pass any other piece.
  • Mars Venus Mercury ‘the inner planets’ (red) are allowed to pass each other and are allowed to pass the ‘outer planets’ (blue) but may never overtake the Moon or the Sun
  • Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune ‘the Outer planets(blue) may pass each other but may never move passed the ‘inner planets’ (red) nor Sun or Moon.
  • The Sun may never pass the Moon but may pass all other pieces.

Be vigilant! 

  • Text your move to your opponent so you can each can mirror the positions,  e.g “Moon to Virgo”, on your boards.
  • Any number of pieces can be in a sign at any time.
  • Use the overtaking rules to your advantage and to frustrate your opponent’s aims!
  • When you get all your pieces into your signs simultaneously, text, call or shout “EPHEMERIS !” 
  • Photograph your board and cards to declare your hand
  • *Forward your email to your  opponent to verify your hand.

⭐️ 🌙 🌎 

Good luck!! 

AUGUST 7TH – ephemeris/spacestore quiz! online

The next quiz is on Friday August 7th at 5:30pm.

A fun and family-friendly game with 3 rounds of 10 questions all about the planets, their moons, space missions and more from the EPHEMERIS quiz game.
It’s A or B answers – so don’t worry if you are not too savvy with our solar system.

This is a webinar so no need to dress up!

If you fancy the challenge, please do register with SpaceStore