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Astronomic media coverage from Earth

Jubilant Juno enters Jupiter’s orbit

After a five year journey from Earth, Juno the solar-powered spacecraft squeezed through a narrow band, skimming Jupiter’s surface, avoiding the worst of both its radiation belt and its dangerous dust rings.

The spacecraft will orbit the planet once every 53 days until October 14, when it will shift to a tighter 14-day orbit. And after about 20 months of learning everything it can about Jupiter’s interior and its atmosphere, it will eventually succumb to the harsh environment and plunge into the planet’s crushing centre.

Jupiter’s throwing a firework party for Juno arrival

The Hubble Space Telescope has captured new images of Jupiter’s glowing aurora swirling around one of the planet’s poles, as part of a wider observation programme of the gas giant.

NASA’s Juno spacecraft is expected to descend into Jupiter on 4 July at 1757 BST, when Mission Juno will commence. The trip to Jupiter is part of a wider quest to understand how the Solar System and life within it formed billions of years ago.