‘distance’ ephemeris!

During this period of Covid19 and in quarantine we at Daedaleon hope you are safe and well.

We wondered if anyone who has a game of Ephemeris would like to set up and play the Solar System Game remotely v another player with an Ephemeris game. So we have some directions as to how you can do this.

There are no changes to the normal rules, just some ideas about playing remotely!

Here’s how: 


Set up your boards at home with Sun Moon and planets in their normal starting positions marked on the board or on the rules.

Each player chooses 5 pieces and takes the 5 corresponding cards from their Sun/Moon/Planets pack. Do not reveal your choices. *Take a photo of your 5 cards before the game starts and send it to your own email that will record the time for future verification.  

Each player then chooses 5 Zodiac cards for the other player and communicates these by text, WhatsApp or voice (or other agreed method).  The players can now lay the Zodiac Cards next to their boards. 


Decide who starts.

On each turn players move any one piece anti-clockwise (you can move any piece even if you don’t hold a card for it). You can move through as many signs as you want but within the ‘passing’ rules:

RULES: (based on the coloured orbit groups)

  • Moon may pass any other piece.
  • Mars Venus Mercury ‘the inner planets’ (red) are allowed to pass each other and are allowed to pass the ‘outer planets’ (blue) but may never overtake the Moon or the Sun
  • Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune ‘the Outer planets(blue) may pass each other but may never move passed the ‘inner planets’ (red) nor Sun or Moon.
  • The Sun may never pass the Moon but may pass all other pieces.

Be vigilant! 

  • Text your move to your opponent so you can each can mirror the positions,  e.g “Moon to Virgo”, on your boards.
  • Any number of pieces can be in a sign at any time.
  • Use the overtaking rules to your advantage and to frustrate your opponent’s aims!
  • When you get all your pieces into your signs simultaneously, text, call or shout “EPHEMERIS !” 
  • Photograph your board and cards to declare your hand
  • *Forward your email to your  opponent to verify your hand.

⭐️ 🌙 🌎 

Good luck!! 

An intriguing astronomy game and a quiz game based on the movements of the planets through the solar system