Game Guide

Box Size: 23cm x 23cm x 7cm

4-fold 44cm x 44cm playing board
9 Eco-friendly wood playing pieces, 1 dice
72 celestial cards
72 solar system quiz cards
Score-pad for the quiz game
Winning hand leaflet

The EPHEMERIS playing board illustrates the constellations of the night sky which the Sun, the Moon and the planet pieces move through, anti-clockwise, on the ecliptic path.

Planet, Sun and Moon start up positions on the board

The set up
The start positions for the Planets, Sun and Moon are as marked on the board. The playing pieces are in colour ‘orbit groups’ which have different powers, ie:

The Moon may pass every planet including the Sun.
The Sun may pass every planet but may not pass the Moon.
Mercury, Mars and Venus in red (the inner planets) may not move past the Sun or Moon.
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in blue (the outer planets) may not pass any other colour.

EPHEMERIS cards are dealt at the beginning of each game which determine your aim. 

A winning hand declared at the end of a game!

EPHEMERIS Strategy game
To be the first player to position the planet pieces on the board into the constellations which match the cards in your hand. They must all be in place simultaneously to win and achieve your ‘Ephemeris’!

EPHEMERIS Solar System Quiz Game
Our mission:
To bring adults, parents and older children a collaborative learning experience in a fun and challenging way.
To achieve one complete orbit of the board with a single chosen planet, answering questions as you go. There are over 200 questions with a myriad of information to enjoy! No pressure!  Each question gives a choice of two answers! Test your celestial knowledge or learn more!

Quiz Cards
Quiz Cards


An intriguing astronomy game and a quiz game based on the movements of the planets through the solar system