Review from Astrodienst

Reviewed by Karin Hoffmann, 2020

What shall it be? – Strategy and Luck or Cleverness and Cunning?

EPHEMERIS is a well-made and beautifully laid-out game that offers something for everyone: fun, luck, strategy, knowledge, and – above all – a good time together.

The box contains a playing board showing the zodiac and the orbits of the different planets – or rather planet categories (inner and outer planets, the Sun and the Moon). The pieces representing the planets are made of wood and come in different colours, according to their category. Like the whole set, they are a pleasure to the senses and proof of the care that went into the making of the game.

Variant 1 can be played as a board game like any other, as no special field of knowledge or interest is required – though it is a nice feeling to travel through the solar system.

Variant 2 – the Quiz requires a certain interest in astronomy. Beware astrologers, it really IS more about astronomy than astrology. But still, it is well worth the while to get to know the more ʹmaterialʹ sister science of the art of astrology.

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