Game Guide

EPHEMERIS playing board illustrates the constellations of the night sky which the Sun, the Moon and the planet pieces move through, anti-clockwise, on the ecliptic path.THE EPHEMERIS GAMEEPHEMERIS playing pieces are in colour ‘orbit groups’ which have different powers.  e.g. Sun and Moon in yellow may pass any other piece. Mercury, Mars and Venus in red (the inner planets) may not move past the Sun or Moon. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in blue (the outer planets) may not pass the reds or yellow pieces).

EPHEMERIS cards are dealt at the beginning of each game which determine your aim. Game Guide EPHEMERIS CARDS3
Be the first player to position the planet pieces on the board into the constellations which match the cards in your hand. They must all be in place simultaneously to win and achieve your ‘Ephemeris’!

There are three game variations you can choose to play.
Game 1 : Strategy for two players.
Game 2 : Strategy up to 4 players using the spot colour dice to determine your moves or you can play without the dice. Extra features include Retrograde cards and Dwarf Pluto wild cards.

Game 3:
Solar System Quiz Game
To achieve one complete orbit of the board with a chosen planet answering questions as you go. There are over 200 questions with a myriad of information to enjoy! No pressure!  Each question gives multi-choice answers! Test your celestial knowledge or learn more!




an intriguing game based on the movements of the planets through the solar system